Repair for Polyurethane Foam Systems

Mix heads and pumps are just one part of your polyurethane processing environment. In addition to fast, expert repair for our industry-leading mix heads and pumps, Linden Polyurethane also provides complete repair services as well as other professional solutions for our polyurethane foam systems. This includes our numerous metering systems as well as our bulk storage and bulk blending systems. Our expert service team can work with you on a variety of polyurethane foam systems repairs, refurbishing, and even relocating.


Buying a new building, transferring operations, or expanding your processing capabilities? The Linden Polyurethane team can support you in whatever transition is needed to maintain your production. We can assist you in relocating your polyurethane foam systems from one facility to another. Our team will evaluate the new facility to determine if any changes or improvements can be made to your existing polyurethane foam systems and manage the process from start to finish, ensuring that your equipment is ready for operation when the transition is complete.


Refurbishing services returns polyurethane foam systems to their original condition. While more extensive than repairs, our refurbishing service brings your polyurethane foam systems back up to speed as if they were brand-new. We’ll work with your team to understand where your polyurethane foam systems are lacking in performance and where they can be improved, then develop a timeline and plan for refurbishing the systems back to their ideal operating state.

Spare Parts

Need a replacement for a damaged or broken part? Want to have a replacement component ready to go to maintain production? We’re here to assist. Linden Polyurethane offers an extensive parts inventory and can quickly meet your needs — whether you’re in need of a rapid replacement or are taking a preventive approach toward maintaining uptime.

Tell Us What You Need

Our repair team is available to assist you. Contact us to discuss your repair goals.