Straight Style Mix Heads

Linden Polyurethane offers straight-style mix heads for a variety of polyurethane foam mixing ratio needs, throughput capabilities, and applications. Our straight-style mix heads feature a user-friendly and compact design as well as a shot counter (MHS models only). All straight-style mix heads come with Linden Polyurethane’s unrivaled warranty as well, and each one is carefully designed, engineered, and tested by our expert in-house team.

Straight-style mix heads are available in three different nose lengths. These vary depending on the size of the mix head and your production needs. The longest of these allows for the most laminar flow of material and ensures customers can pour in the most hard-to-reach locations. Each mix head utilizes unique alloys, precision machining techniques, and specialized surface treatments on critical components. This ensures your mixing head provides you with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


  • Available with 2 to 4 streams depending on your mixing needs
  • Self-cleaning — precision-machined plunger removes leftover material
  • Recirculates ensuring uniform ratios and temperature
  • Electronic shot counter helps indicate when maintenance is needed
  • Supported by our best-in-class warranty and repair program

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Contact us to discuss your polyurethane foam mixing ratio needs and how a straight-style mix head can help.

Straight Head (Standard) Models
Model Code 1:1 2:1 3:1
MHS-6-2-40 Closed Pour 30-150 45-112 N/A
MHS-8-2-40 Closed Pour 50-250 75-185 100-167
MHS-10-2-40 Closed Pour 80-400 120-300 160-270
MHS-12-2-40 Closed Pour 140-700 210-525 280-470
MHS-16-2-40 Closed Pour 300-1600 450-1200 600-1070
MHS-20-2-40 Closed Pour 400-2800 600-2100 800-1870

3 and 4 Streams Also Available

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