Polyurethane Spray Equipment

Linden Polyurethane is proud to provide polyurethane spray equipment to support our clients with efficient, accurate, and flexible spray insulation, coatings, and elastomers in numerous applications and industries. In partnership with Isotherm AG, we have developed industry-leading spray equipment that can handle a wide range of materials at high viscosities and high temperatures.

Our spray equipment is used in multiple markets around the world. Because so many applications depend on the uniform dispensing of high-viscosity material, there is a consistent need for efficient spray equipment. Insulated foam is a critical element in the military, aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries as well as in multiple consumer appliances and for other goods that rely on different types of coatings for protection from the elements and to maintain a desirable appearance. Our polyurethane spray equipment does all these and more thanks to extensive customization options to meet your needs.

Available Polyurethane Spray Equipment

Linden-Isotherm PSM 700 Spray Machine

Developed in collaboration with Isotherm AG, the PSM 700 polyurethane spray machine provides the flexibility and customization to meet your material spraying needs. The PSM 700 can be fitted with a variety of mix head types, including handheld, robot-mounted, spray-style, or pour-style based on your application requirements.


  • Continuous output ranging from 10 – 160 gr/sec (0.6 – 10 l/min)
  • Mix ratio by volume of 1:1 to 1:4/4:1
  • Can be used in an in-house facility or for mobile needs
  • Works with 5 standard and multiple custom-designed mix head types
  • Supported by a best-in-class warranty and repair program

Linden-Isotherm Mix Heads

While our spray equipment is the foundation of your spraying production operation, the mix heads used to mix and dispense the material are where the true customization comes into play. The PSM 700 can be matched with numerous mix head types depending on your application. These range from handheld mix heads for smaller spaces and low-volume projects to robot-mounted spray or pour mix heads for seamless operation, with custom-designed mix head options available. And of course, both the equipment and the mix heads are all serviceable directly through Linden Polyurethane.

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