Polyurethane Spray Mix Head

In keeping with our partnership with Isotherm AG on our polyurethane spray metering system, Linden Polyurethane is proud to offer a variety of Isotherm spray heads for varying applications and needs. Just as with our in-house designed, engineered, and manufactured L-style and straight-style mix heads, each spray-style mix head is highly engineered to help organizations achieve their polyurethane distribution goals. Thanks to the precision of the Isotherm PSM 700 metering and temperature control system, the chemicals arrive at the spray head via heated hoses and provide a perfect mix — even with different mixing ratios.


  • Available with circulating or non-circulating capabilities
  • Choose from hydraulic, pneumatic or manual actuation
  • Mounted via robotic or manipulator or available as a hand-held sprayer
  • Utilizes the impingement mixing principle
  • Mechanically self-cleaning — no solvents or flushing required
  • Chemical systems with fast cure times of 1–2 seconds
  • Supported by our best-in-class warranty and repair program

Polyurethane Mixing Chambers

In addition to these best-in-class polyurethane spray mix heads, Linden Polyurethane can further support your organization’s production demands with a mixing chamber. Linden has an array of mix chambers including ones with ceramic nozzles to accommodate the most abrasive materials. Our expert team will work closely with you to identify the right polyurethane mixing chamber for both your production needs as well as your facility’s constraints.

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