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Oct 19
4 Ways That Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Improve Productivity
  • October 15, 2019
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

First, What Are Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks?

Bulk chemical storage tanks are far more than just a container for large volumes of polyol and iso. It’s a complete material storage system designed to make your organization’s production facility more streamlined, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Rather than receive smaller deliveries of material, bulk chemical storage tanks allow organizations to buy material in bulk and receive significantly larger shipments that they need to meet their production goals. It also allows material to be looped into the production environment for consistent flow when coupled with other polyurethane equipment.

While these are important benefits for any organization focusing on polyurethane output, the advantages of bulk chemical storage tanks go even further. Let’s review several other benefits that a bulk chemical storage tank (or a chemical storage farm) can provide to your organization.

1. They’re Environmentally Responsible

Often, companies manufacturing products using polyurethane must order material in 270 gallon totes. Each of these totes takes time to physically manage, transport, move throughout a facility, and ultimately dispose of. Not only are they incredibly inefficient, time-consuming, and costly for a company to deal with, but they’re also not environmentally friendly — or safe.

Companies working with polyurethane must prioritize equipment and functions that make protecting the environment a core focus of their operations. That, and they must create a safe environment for their workers. Bulk chemical storage tanks are a great way to do just that, as they can be customized to hold up to 12,000 gallons of material. This dramatically reduces the need for companies to order and handle 55-gallon drums or totes, which can be easily spilled, run into, or left exposed.

Organizations working with Cyclo-Pentane also have bulk chemical storage options, as tanks up to 12,000 gallons can be specially produced to store this more environmentally friendly material.

2. They’re Safer for Workers

In addition to protecting workers from potentially hazardous barrels, bulk chemical storage tanks also remove the need for workers to handle material on a frequent basis. With such significant storage capacity, and the ability to pump chemicals to mixing equipment, workers can focus their efforts elsewhere — and out of harm’s way.

Bulk chemical storage tanks are also designed specifically for the facility in which they’re located. If you have need for a 20,000-gallon tank, but don’t have enough height in your production space, smaller storage tanks can be set up to provide the same amount of storage. Manways and other structural support elements can be set up to provide further protection, strength, and stability for storage tanks.

At Linden Polyurethane, all of our bulk chemical storage tanks are designed to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. They can be supplied in carbon steel with plasite lining or stainless steel. Contact us to learn more about our safety and design standards.

3. They Lower Costs Across the Board

Bulk chemical storage tanks allow organizations to order vastly more material, enabling them to obtain better pricing. Tanks can be positioned in your facility to receive varying levels of shipments, from 2,000-gallon tanks for truck deliveries to 20,000+ gallon tanks for deliveries via rail car. However, that’s not the only way in which they lower costs. Bulk storage tanks also reduce the labor costs associated with handling material throughout a production facility.

4. They’re Customizable to Production Demands

A bulk chemical storage tank is just one element in a production facility. In addition to storage, organizations can create an equipment production chain to more efficiently manage the flow of material from tank to the end application. Bulk blending systems allow material to be blended with incredible precision, ensuring that the right material combination is produced, stored, and moved to the next phase of the production process.

Beyond blending systems, storage tanks can be customized to meet specific production demands. Pumps for specific loading, quality control features, tank agitation, heating, temperature control features, insulation, level sensors, and structural elements like catwalks can be added to make production processes even more efficient.

Customize Your Bulk Chemical Storage Tank Solution

No company has the same polyurethane production demands. At Linden Polyurethane, we recognize this and support it in all that we do. Every tank, metering system, mix head, and component is engineered or selected for your specific application needs. Contact us today to learn more about our storage tanks and other polyurethane solutions.


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