Linden Polyurethane provides high-value polyurethane dispensing equipment
Apr 23

Exploring the Different Types of Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

Polyurethane is a versatile and widely used material, commonly found in industries like the automotive, construction, aerospace, and furniture sectors, among others.
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mix head
Mar 23

Desired Application Performance Impacts Mix Head Choice

There is a proper tool for every task, and even for a material as versatile as polyurethane, that remains true. While there are a number of systems that work in concert to create the polyurethane mixture, few are as important in determining application success as the mix head.
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polyurethane chemical formula
Dec 22

Polyurethane: a Multifaceted Chemical Formula

The polyurethane chemical formula is incredibly versatile; it lends itself to the creation of many different products. Polyurethane is flexible, has a high impact and abrasion resistance, strong bonding and electrical insulation properties, and is a relatively inexpensive material when compared to thermoplastics.
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aerospace foam
Nov 22

Aerospace Foam: An Important Part of Aircraft Safety

There is no room for error in the aerospace industry, even when it comes to aerospace foam. This material is found in various areas of an aircraft, including flight deck pads, passenger cabin walls, ceilings, storage containers, class and section dividers, and elements of the lavatory.
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polyurethane machines
Oct 22

Increase Efficiency in Your Operation with Quality Spray Equipment

Polyurethane machines include spray equipment uniquely positioned to provide accurate application for spray insulation, coatings, and elastomers for various industries. As the insulated foam is a critical component in the military, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and consumer appliance sectors, among others, there is a constant need for efficient spray equipment.
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polyurethane mixing equipment
Jun 22

Mix Heads Deliver Versatility, Specificity in Mixture Distribution

When it comes to the many types and varieties of polyurethane mixing equipment available, polyurethane mix heads play a large role in the final performance of the material and weigh greatly in factoring into the application success.
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polyurethane foam uses
May 22

Core Production Elements Add Value and Versatility

Polyurethane foam uses the same core elements to serve as the building blocks for a material that has applications across virtually every industry and runs the gamut from essential insulating material for the latest aircraft to the filling of cushions on your couch.
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polyurethane foam mixing head
Feb 22

Match Your Application with the Right System

In multiple industries, the material used in products, structures, and components makes all the difference when it comes to performance. The different choices when it comes to selecting a polyurethane foam mixing head have the same effect.
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polyurethane coating
Dec 21

Essential Protection Provided by this Versatile Polyurethane Form

In the expansive world of polyurethane-based components, it’s easy to overlook the importance and prevalence of polyurethane coating — a critical element for finishing many products across a wide swath of industries.
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polyurethane rigid foam
Oct 21

Enhance and Tailor Your Capabilities and Capacity

Polyurethane rigid foam, despite its moniker, isn’t limited in scope to the number of industries in which it has become essential.
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