polyurethane foam mixing head
Feb 22

Match Your Application with the Right System

In multiple industries, the material used in products, structures, and components makes all the difference when it comes to performance. The different choices when it comes to selecting a polyurethane foam mixing head have the same effect.
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polyurethane coating
Dec 21

Essential Protection Provided by this Versatile Polyurethane Form

In the expansive world of polyurethane-based components, it’s easy to overlook the importance and prevalence of polyurethane coating — a critical element for finishing many products across a wide swath of industries.
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polyurethane foam spray
Feb 21

High-Viscosity Spray is Used in Multiple Industries Worldwide

Polyurethane is one of the most flexible materials in today’s market, with countless applications relying on it for performance and extensive customization options. One of the most common multi-industry uses is in polyurethane foam spray. Unlike other applications, spray polyurethane is often high in viscosity and high in temperature — requiring specialized equipment to mix and distribute it.

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polyurethane foam mixing head 3
Dec 19

A Material for Every Market

Polyurethane is one of the most customizable materials available in markets today. Whereas other materials allow for significant customization for appearance purposes only, polyurethane can acquire a number of different properties.  By mixing polyol and isocyanate in specific ratios and combining it with other chemicals, companies can achieve remarkable results.Read more


polyurethane mixing equipment
Ensure Application Success with Polyurethane Mixing Equipment
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polyol blend
Polyol Blend: Maximize Your Chemical Mixture
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polyurethane foam uses
Explore Polyurethane Foam Uses Across Every Industry
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polyurethane foam properties
Add and Improve Polyurethane Foam Properties with Gas Nucleation
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