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Feb 23
What Industrial Products are Made Possible with Polyurethane?
  • February 3, 2023
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

Industrial Polyurethane Products are All Around Us

Polyurethane is an extremely adaptable chemical formula, allowing it to be made into various industrial products.

It has high abrasion and solvent resistance, high load-bearing capacity and elasticity, high insulating properties, and great molding quality. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that industrial polyurethane products are all around us.

What exactly are these products and what industries are they used in? Below, we’ll break down the polyurethane structure and where it’s used throughout our environment.

The Polyurethane Chemical Formula

Polyurethane was first discovered in 1937 by Otto Bayer and became available for commercial and industrial use in the 1950s. The chemical reaction involves the exothermic condensation reaction of an isocyanate and hydroxyl-containing compound — usually a polyol. This reaction is relatively simple to start and requires the use of certain polyurethane processing equipment, depending on the application.

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Types of Industrial Polyurethane Products

The chemical formula can be developed into various types of industrial polyurethane products — ranging from hard plastics to fabric to soft cushions. As such, it’s used in various industries, including the aerospace and defense, medical, construction, electronics, sports equipment, and automotive sectors, among others.

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Plastic Parts

Polyurethane plastic can be rigid or flexible, lending itself to a variety of uses for plastic parts. Rigid polyurethane is commonly used in structural parts for industrial applications, along with other products like surfboards and boat components. More flexible polyurethane formulations may be used to create grips for sporting equipment.


Believe it or not, polyurethane makes up a good portion of most stretchy fabrics, including sports apparel and hosiery. The polyurethane addition makes it lightweight and breathable. It’s also a common choice to improve the wind- and water-proofing ability of garments.


Because of its high load-bearing capacity, polyurethane is often used as the base material for elastomeric wheels and tires. You’ll find these types of wheels on shopping carts, elevators, roller coasters, and roller skates.

Flooring and Infrastructure

Polyurethane coatings have high abrasion and corrosion resistance, making them a perfect addition to hardwood floors and outdoor infrastructure. Like any material, polyurethane coating will show wear over time, but it significantly increases the lifespan of wood flooring and other products.


Polyurethane can also be made into flexible foams with high absorption capabilities. If you need a firmer option, semi-flexible foams are a great choice. These semi-flexible materials are often used in car dashboards and door liners. Should you need an even higher-quality option, high-resilience foam products can be used for seating, seals, and insulation panels.

Adhesives and Sealants

High-performance adhesives and surface sealants are commonly made out of polyurethane. These sealants are perfect for filling gaps because they allow for expansion and contraction in building materials. In fact, the chemical makeup of polyurethane allows for 25-50% movement, depending on the exact application. Foam sprays are also developed from polyurethane to fill crevices, leading to better building insulation.

Linden Polyurethane Provides High-Quality Equipment for Your Industrial Needs

When you need the best polyurethane processing equipment, turn to Linden Polyurethane. Founded in 1985, we quickly emerged as a world-class designer, engineer, manufacturer, and service provider for standard and custom polyurethane processing machinery. We create a variety of polyurethane equipment and mix heads to suit your specific needs.

Over the years, we’ve pioneered a number of polyurethane innovations. Additionally, we’ve refined the tools and equipment used by countless industries through control integration, precision machining, and a relentless approach to continual improvement. Today, we can design and manufacture all kinds of polyurethane metering, processing, distribution, and storage equipment in-house. We also provide service and repair for our equipment as well as equipment made by other manufacturers.

Ready to learn what polyurethane equipment is right for you? Contact one of our helpful sales representatives today.


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