Linden Polyurethane provides high-value polyurethane dispensing equipment
Apr 23

Exploring the Different Types of Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

Polyurethane is a versatile and widely used material, commonly found in industries like the automotive, construction, aerospace, and furniture sectors, among others.
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automotive polyurethane foams
Mar 23

Automotive Polyurethane Foams Have Countless Capabilities

Automotive polyurethane foams have been used for several decades throughout the automotive industry, and they continue to be crucial materials for various applications. These foams are known for their excellent insulation, cushioning, and acoustic properties, making them ideal for use in a wide range of automotive components. Here, we’ll take a closer look at these foams and their uses within the industry.
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polyurethane foam uses
May 22

Core Production Elements Add Value and Versatility

Polyurethane foam uses the same core elements to serve as the building blocks for a material that has applications across virtually every industry and runs the gamut from essential insulating material for the latest aircraft to the filling of cushions on your couch.
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polyurethane coating
Dec 21

Essential Protection Provided by this Versatile Polyurethane Form

In the expansive world of polyurethane-based components, it’s easy to overlook the importance and prevalence of polyurethane coating — a critical element for finishing many products across a wide swath of industries.
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polyurethane foam dispensing equipment
Nov 21

Increase the Versatility of Your Material with Critical Equipment

Polyurethane foam dispensing equipment is essential in maximizing the versatility and adaptability of polyurethane as a material that can be designed to service nearly any purpose.
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polyurethane rigid foam
Oct 21

Enhance and Tailor Your Capabilities and Capacity

Polyurethane rigid foam, despite its moniker, isn’t limited in scope to the number of industries in which it has become essential.
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polyurethane safety
Aug 21

Utilize Key Solutions to Alleviate Manufacturing Risk

Polyurethane safety is a primary concern for all manufacturers of the versatile material. Needed and used more than ever across virtually every industry in a variety of forms, polyurethane needs to be produced at a high level, in an efficient fashion, and with the needed precautions to avoid risk to the workers and facilities that handle the material every day.
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polyurethane foam testing
Jul 21

Validate, Improve, and Analyze with Testing Services

Polyurethane foam testing is essential in ensuring the versatile material meets the demands of the many products and applications, which rely on it each day.
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custom chemical mixing
Dec 20

The New Year is Coming — How Will You Improve Your Production Process?

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year for manufacturers. Regardless of industry, companies around the world have had to tackle new complexities and roadblocks as a result of the pandemic, tariff challenges, and the subsequent supply and logistics hurdles. But from these challenges have come new ways of thinking, innovative new processes, and solutions designed to help companies get back on track — and stay on it.

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medical grade polyurethane
Nov 20

Why the Healthcare Industry Relies on Medical Grade Polyurethane

Polyurethane is one of the most flexible, adaptable, and customizable materials in use in countless applications and markets today. From being used in the military for numerous defense applications due to its strength and affordability to serving as a structural component in the construction industry due to its rigidity and sound absorption properties, there’s no other material like polyurethane. The same goes for healthcare and pharmaceutical, where medical grade polyurethane is used for countless applications.Read more


IoT manufacturing
Revolutionizing Polyurethane Manufacturing: How IoT is Reshaping the Industry
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industry 4.0 and robotics
How Industry 4.0 and Robotics Work Together in Polyurethane Manufacturing
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bulk chemical tanks
Maximize Production with Bulk Chemical Tanks for Polyurethane Processing Equipment
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polyurethane uses in construction
Exploring the Endless Polyurethane Uses in Construction
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