polyurethane foam dispensing equipment
Nov 21

Increase the Versatility of Your Material with Critical Equipment

Polyurethane foam dispensing equipment is essential in maximizing the versatility and adaptability of polyurethane as a material that can be designed to service nearly any purpose.

From durable attractive coatings to consumer goods, protective equipment, and even insulation for buildings and vehicles, polyurethane is used in countless products in multiple industries around the globe.

Many of the items used every day rely on polyurethane for both performance and protection. For more than three decades Linden Polyurethane has collaborated with companies around the world for advanced polyurethane foam applications and processing equipment to serve those needs. Only with proper processing, achieving the right mixture, and applying polyurethane accurately can the material itself perform under pressure and for the long term.

We are proud that our polyurethane metering systems, storage tanks, blending systems, and many other components have become critical elements in our clients’ production environments. With our polyurethane foam dispensing equipment, clients are able to reach and maintain high standards in service of the many applications that rely on polyurethane production to meet the needs of industries running the gamut from sporting goods to military components.

Today let’s examine some of those many applications and how key polyurethane foam dispensing equipment helps make them possible.

Essential Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Equipment Elements

Bulk Storage & Blending

Bulk storage and bulk chemical blending equipment alleviate many of the issues associated with storing the chemical components needed for large-scale polyurethane production. Instead of wasting time and space with problematic drums, bulk storage allows you to seamlessly store the chemicals you’ll utilize every day in large containers that are incorporated into your production cycle. Bulk blending equipment can be connected to the storage tank system, allowing for an efficient transfer of material from one stage to the next.

Key Application — Building Insulation

Polyurethane foam offers many benefits as a commercial construction and insulation material, contributing to both more resilient structures and future lower heating and cooling costs. With bulk storage & blending, you’ll ensure you’ll have the needed materials on hand to tackle these projects no matter how large in scope.

Gas Nucleation

By implementing gas nucleation equipment into existing polyurethane metering systems, organizations can add desired properties to their mixtures and/or realize a better, more cost-effective product that has fewer voids and defects.

Key Application — Automotive Insulation

The Linden CO2 Gas Infusion Blending Unit manages the homogenous distribution and dissolution of CO2 into the polyol component of your polyurethane formulation. This gas nucleation equipment results in a minimal consumption of CO2 overall — helping to reduce your chemical costs while providing other key benefits such as part weight reduction, improved cellular structure within the foam, and improved acoustical and sound absorption properties. All of which makes it instrumental in serving as sound dampening material in the automotive industry.

Polyurethane Spray Equipment

This equipment supports manufacturers with efficient, accurate, and flexible spray insulation, coatings, and elastomers in numerous applications and industries. In partnership with Isotherm AG, Linden Polyurethane has developed industry-leading spray equipment that can handle a wide range of materials at high viscosities and high temperatures.

Key Application — Consumer Appliances

Polyurethane spray for electronics and appliances (also known as white goods) is used for coating applications. While this can be applied in virtually any color, the real value is the polyurethane coating helps protect the appliance from rust and heat over long periods of time, preserving both the performance and appearance of the appliance.

Pentane Machinery

Pentane is an environmentally friendly replacement for outdated blowing agents that have been identified as environmentally harmful, such as HFCs and HCFCs. Our pentane machinery solutions are designed to help organizations meet their production demands while also maintaining compliance with local regulations and supporting environmentally safe best practices.

Key Application — Refrigerator Insulation

Polyurethane foam using pentane is most often used in refrigerators and freezers that need to not only maintain internal temperatures but thermal isolation from exterior environments. Rigid polyurethane foam is typically applied between the outer metal casing of these appliances and the inner liner made of polyethylene. The adhesive properties of polyurethane ensure the material is evenly applied during the manufacturing process and reduces drip, surface unevenness, and other undesirable qualities. This helps to prevent heat transfer between layers and also helps the appliances improve energy ratings.

High-Pressure Metering Systems

As the starting point for many polyurethane production environments, metering systems are the center of the entire process and vital in achieving the right distribution rate and material balance for your application. High-Pressure metering systems excel for applications requiring high volume, or for low-output situations for open or closed mold pourings. You’d want high-pressure metering for small shot sizes in a high-speed line producing parts for example.

Key Application — Sports Equipment

Our high-pressure metering systems provide great flexibility to support a wide range of potential applications and have become the processing equipment of choice for those looking for top-of-the-line performance, accuracy, and reliability. One of the most common needs in sports equipment is for helmets and other protective gear that are both light enough to be worn comfortably but also strong enough to resist impact. Other applications in this area include balls (bowling, golf) of all types and numerous components of athletic shoes.

Low-Pressure Metering Systems

Low-pressure polyurethane metering systems support a number of applications in which lower volumes, higher viscosities, or differing levels of viscosity between the various chemicals used in a mixture are required. To that point, low-pressure polyurethane foam machines are also an ideal choice when multiple streams of chemicals need to be treated differently prior to the mixture. Low-pressure polyurethane foam dispensing equipment is often found in a variety of markets, particularly where coating, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers are needed.

Key Application — Aerospace

Polyurethanes are applied via low pressure in the aerospace industry to protect parts of the aircraft from extreme temperature variations and from rust. Water-based polyurethanes are also used for coatings on aircraft exteriors, and acrylic-based polyurethanes can be used in the production of window panes and exterior light coverings.

Linden is the Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Equipment Expert

For more than 35 years, Linden Polyurethane has served as a leading partner in the global polyurethane industry and engineers a broad portfolio of high-pressure metering systems, spray machines, bulk blending and storage systems, pentane, and gas infusion equipment and systems. We support and specialize in critical applications in the aerospace, medical, and military industries as well as in construction, sporting goods, automotive, and appliances.

Application-driven in everything we do, we tailor your solution specifically for your unique processing needs to ensure you’re able to meet production goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our polyurethane processing equipment is available in a variety of configurations and outputs, with metering systems capable of shot sizes ranging from a low output of 3g/sec to a high output of 3.6kg/sec and processing capabilities of up to 2900 PSI. We also provide industry-leading auxiliary equipment focused on helping your organization achieve increased up-time and reduced material and operations costs.

Linden also offers precision-crafted mix heads to ensure the final output of your vision becomes reality. All of our polyurethane foam dispensing equipment is also backed up by best-in-class service and support.

Contact us today to learn more about our polyurethane foam dispensing equipment and how we can customize a solution for your application.


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