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Apr 23

Exploring the Different Types of Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

Polyurethane is a versatile and widely used material, commonly found in industries like the automotive, construction, aerospace, and furniture sectors, among others.

The polymer is known for its durability, flexibility, and excellent bonding properties. Working with polyurethane requires specialized dispensing equipment, which can differ depending on your application. Here, we’ll dive into the world of polyurethane dispensing equipment, exploring its types, functions, applications, and benefits.

Types of Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

Polyurethane dispensing equipment comes in various types, each designed for specific applications and requirements. Depending on your need, you may choose metering and mixing systems, spray foam systems, pouring systems, or sealant and adhesive systems. Let’s look at the specifics of each and decide what’s right for your organization.

Metering and Mixing Systems

Metering and mixing systems are used for the precise measuring and mixing of polyurethane components, typically polyol and isocyanate, in a specific ratio to create a polyurethane mixture. The mixture is then dispensed onto the desired surface. Metering and mixing systems can be either manual or automated and are widely used in applications such as spray foam insulation, gasketing, potting, and more. Mixing systems will also usually come with a specific mix head; the style will vary depending on your goals and needs.

Spray Foam Systems

As their name suggests, spray foam systems are used for applying polyurethane in spray form. These systems usually consist of a spray gun, hoses, and a spray machine that pressurizes and delivers the polyurethane mixture to the gun for application. Spray foam systems are commonly used in insulation, sealing, and coating applications.

Pouring Systems

Pouring systems are used for dispensing polyurethane in a controlled manner by pouring the mixture into molds or containers. These systems are commonly used in applications such as casting, encapsulation, and molding.

Sealant and Adhesive Systems

Sealant and adhesive systems are designed for the precise dispensing of polyurethane sealants and adhesives in bead or dot form. These systems are commonly used in automotive, construction, and other applications that require bonding and sealing.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

There are many different types of polyurethane equipment, which can make it difficult to know exactly which one is best for you. Below, we’ll look at the advantages of taking the time to choose the correct equipment and help you decide which one is right for your operation.


Polyurethane dispensing equipment allows for precise measuring, mixing, and dispensing of polyurethane components, ensuring accurate and consistent results in terms of product quality, performance, and appearance.


Automated polyurethane dispensing systems increase efficiency by reducing labor costs, minimizing material waste, and enabling faster and more streamlined processes.


Polyurethane dispensing equipment can be used for a wide range of polyurethane formulations and applications, making it a versatile solution for different industries and products.

Process Control

Polyurethane dispensing equipment provides precise control over various process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, ensuring optimal conditions for polyurethane curing, bonding, and other chemical reactions.

Improved Product Quality

Accurate dispensing of polyurethane using specialized equipment helps in achieving consistent product quality with uniformity in properties such as foam density, adhesion, and flexibility, which results in quality finished products.

How to Determine Which Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment is Right for You

The right equipment will depend on your application and goals. At Linden Polyurethane, we can help you understand the complexities of each type of equipment and help you choose what’s best for your organization. As a global provider of polyurethane processing equipment with decades of experience, we’re uniquely positioned to help you meet your production goals.

Founded in 1985, we are a world-class designer, engineer, manufacturer, and service provider for standard and custom polyurethane processing machinery. Since our inception, we’ve successfully pioneered a number of polyurethane innovations. Additionally, we’ve refined tools and equipment used by countless industries through control integration, precision machining, and a relentless approach to continual improvement. Now, we can manufacture many different types of polyurethane metering, processing, distribution, and storage systems, in-house. We can also provide service and repair for equipment manufactured by other organizations.

We partner with numerous global alliances and partnerships to ensure we’re putting out the best quality equipment. For example, we’ve partnered with Isotherm AG to offer innovative high-pressure polyurethane systems for low-throughput applications. We’ve also formed an alliance with Polytec EMC to offer enhancements and imaginative processing solutions for low-pressure mixing and dispensing applications.

Let’s Match You with the Perfect Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

Ready to find the best equipment for your operation? Reach out to our team today.


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