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How Bulk Polyurethane Can Help Grow Your Business
  • March 16, 2020
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

Looking for Cost Efficiency? It’s Time to Consider Bulk Polyurethane

Over the past several years, the polyurethane market has risen consistently in value by around 5 percent annually. The reason for this is due to the benefits of polyurethane itself. As an incredibly lightweight yet durable material, polyurethane is high in demand in numerous industries and markets. Its affordability compared to other more costly materials also makes it a strategic solution for companies looking to maximize margins on their production. But despite these advantages, it’s becoming more and more important to invest in bulk polyurethane.

As polyurethane continues to increase in utilization in numerous markets, demand increases, and producers hasten to supply those demands. Naturally, this leads to an increase in cost for polyurethane, particularly when purchased in 55-gallon drums and even 270-gallon totes. As manufacturers, this can quickly begin to eat into margins, reducing the revenue and net profit that companies push so hard to earn with each product.

There’s also the problem of space. As companies increase their production to meet global demand, they’re finding that they must do so within the space constraints of their existing warehouses and facilities. There’s only so much room, yet production goals and demand continually push companies to the brink when it comes to storage. In many instances, companies must find additional facilities, rent warehouse or stockyard space, and so on in order to maintain their own supply levels.

Bulk polyurethane is a solution to this problem. By purchasing material in bulk, companies can achieve the immediate benefit that comes with simply buying more product at once, driving down price-per-gallon/kg. It also brings long-term benefits in that more strategic storage and material distribution solutions can be set up to make facilities more efficient and productive. Let’s explore a few more benefits for those who buy bulk polyurethane.

How Bulk Polyurethane Can Help Your Business Grow

1. Per-Unit Costs Are Reduced, and Margins Increase

For manufacturers, margins are everything. Identifying opportunities to reduce production costs and developing efficiencies to further eliminate costs is an everyday part of a manufacturer’s operation. For companies in sporting goods, aerospace, automotive, and others, polyurethane is a critical part of the manufacturing process and environment.

By buying bulk polyurethane, companies can instantly take advantage of per-unit cost savings. And for those with football-field-sized manufacturing facilities with dozens of metering systems and mix heads processing hundreds of gallons of polyurethane per minute, every bit counts. But where exactly is all this bulk polyurethane supposed to go?

2. Facility Layout and Safety Are Improved

Rather than use 55-gallon drums or even 270-gallon totes, which can cause massive inefficiency as well as safety challenges, companies with bulk polyurethane needs should consider a bulk storage system. These tanks can hold incredible amounts of material based on your production needs and facility setup, ranging from 2,000 gallons (refillable by tank trucks) to 20,000 gallons (refillable by railcar deliveries).

Using a bulk polyurethane storage system means that you can strategically position the tank in your facility to where it will best serve its purpose. That, and you’ll no longer have to deal with the 55-gallon drums or 270-gallon totes. Individually, these smaller storage solutions can quickly clog up a production floor and cause safety problems with workers who might accidentally spill them, come into contact with certain chemicals, and so on.

3. Your Production Chain is Streamlined

Just as important as these tanks’ ability to hold bulk polyurethane is their ability to be integrated into a larger production chain. For example, a customized bulk storage solution can serve as the first step in the manufacturing process. Once the material is delivered, it can be supplied out to a blending system, which enables the precise mixing of materials prior to moving forward. From there, the material can be routed through a metering system, which regulates the flow, pressure, and interval for how polyurethane is distributed once it enters the mix head. And from there, it is sprayed or poured as needed.

A key advantage of bulk polyurethane in this example is the fact that companies don’t have to lose precious time finding, transferring, unloading, or otherwise handling burdensome and inefficient drums and totes. The material can be dispensed from the bulk polyurethane storage system as needed, without wasting time getting more material from drums and totes. The storage system serves as the first step in the process and continues to feed it, allowing companies to maintain productivity and eliminate unnecessary steps.

Achieve Your Bulk Polyurethane Goals with Linden Polyurethane

As a leading global provider of bulk polyurethane storage systems and solutions, we understand that manufacturing companies using polyurethane in their environments are working hard to eliminate excess costs and achieve higher levels of efficiency. Our custom-engineered polyurethane equipment can help you do just that.

In every new project, we work closely with our clients to understand their production challenges and goals. Then, our team gets to work — designing, engineering, manufacturing, and fully supporting a polyurethane equipment solution.

If your organization has been looking for opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce waste, and even improve worker safety, work with a company that’s been supplying the world’s polyurethane equipment needs for more than 30 years. Work with Linden Polyurethane.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your next bulk polyurethane project.


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