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Jan 21
Polyurethane Storage: Savings, Safety, Efficiency & More
  • January 27, 2021
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

Put Your Business in a Strong Position to Meet Demand

The new year is here, but unfortunately, the pandemic rages on. While organizations around the world have been able to resume some semblance of normal operations and planning, there remains the possibility of another shift in demand — requiring you to accelerate production to meet your customers’ needs. And should you find yourself in this situation, the last thing you need to be worrying about is polyurethane storage.

Why is polyurethane storage such a concern? In the mad rush to meet increased demand, your production environment will become busier. As a result, the risk of chemical spills, employee injury, material handling issues, lost inventory, equipment damage, and more will increase. This becomes all the truer if you’re currently using 55-gallon drums or totes to store chemicals and material in your facility.

Let’s explore several ways that investing in a new polyurethane storage system will put your organization in a strong position for success to meet demand forecasts — and be ready should demand increase at any time.

4 Benefits of Polyurethane Storage Solutions for Your Organization

They Enable Cost Savings on Material Orders

Whatever your production goals and the amount of polyurethane needed to meet them are, one thing stands true: the more material you’re able to purchase in one order, the more you’ll save. Ordering 55-gallon drums in bulk may still provide an opportunity for cost savings, but there are additional costs that come with them: storing them in your facilities, purchasing and using equipment to move them, and even expensing personnel’s time in handling them. All of these add up in both costs and time that impact your bottom line.

To help you avoid these costly scenarios, Linden Polyurethane offers chemical bulk storage tanks in sizes ranging from 6,000–12,000 gallons each which are ideal for truck-based chemical deliveries, to multi-vessel tank farms that can be supplied via railcar deliveries. Whatever your storage needs may be, our team will work with you to customize a solution specific to your building restrictions and production goals.

Learn more about our bulk storage solutions here.

They Help You Maximize Uptime and Prevent Shortages

There’s nothing worse than having to tell a customer their order will be delayed due to a material shortage. You put the relationship at risk as well as the customer’s production process. And if you’re short on material, your equipment is obviously not in operation. Not using that equipment to produce goods and products is another cost to add to the list — one that will be growing and getting more costly by the minute.

With a polyurethane storage solution from Linden Polyurethane, you’ll be able to keep a significant amount of material on hand at all times. Thanks to the standard level sight indicator, you’ll be able to order refills well in advance — ensuring you’re never out of the material you need. All tanks are built to ASME standards and can be supplied in either carbon steel with plastite lining or stainless steel. And because all of your material is located in one place, you can improve output quality by guaranteeing that your chemical characteristics are consistent.

Download the bulk storage product sheet here.

They Can Be Integrated with Existing Polyurethane Equipment

Polyurethane storage tanks aren’t the only piece of equipment your facility uses to achieve your production goals. Your entire production cell likely includes metering systems, gas nucleation equipment, and of course, mix heads to bring the material together and dispense it in the desired manner. Integrating your storage system with these pieces of equipment brings the entire production system together to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and other improvements like worker safety.

At Linden Polyurethane, each polyurethane storage tank we custom-design for our clients is designed to be integrated into their existing setup. A variety of standard and optional features are available to tailor the tank to your environment and needs, such as access ladders, safety railings, catwalks, various unloading features, agitation systems, temperature controls, insulation, level sensors, and computerized systems.

Explore the full list of standard and optional features for our storage tanks here.

Above All, They Promote Person and Environmental Safety

If your workers are manually moving and handling drums and totes in your facility, you’re not only absorbing excess costs that can be avoided, but you’re also putting your people, equipment, and the environment at risk. One spill or knocked-over tote can cause harm to people, systems, facilities, and more. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of polyurethane storage systems: they save lives and prevent chemical spills.

Because polyurethane storage tanks eliminate or at least drastically reduce the need for your workers and operators to have contact with chemicals, you can help prevent worker injuries and the associated insurance costs and lost time that come with them. You also prevent these chemicals from accidentally being spilled outside, into drainage systems, and other areas where they may come in contact with the environment.

Meet Demand Head-On in 2021 with Linden Polyurethane Storage Systems

Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals this year. Whether that’s a custom-built polyurethane storage solution, one of the most advanced mix heads available in the market, a metering system for accurate material regulation, or a nucleation system for improving material performance, we’re ready to help.

And we’ll always be there to support your equipment with a best-in-class warranty and repair program. Our new Zip It and Ship It Program is the fastest and least expensive way to send your equipment in for service. And if you can’t send it to us, we offer field service and repair support as well.

Connect with us today to learn how we can support your success in 2021.


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