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May 20
Preparing Your Polyurethane Equipment to Resume Operations
  • May 19, 2020
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

The World is Starting Up Again — How Will Your Equipment Fare?

The stay-at-a-home orders are beginning to lift and people are slowly returning to their places of work. Throughout that time, the polyurethane equipment that many companies rely on for their production has sat dormant, or depending on your business, perhaps with a reduced number of cells in operation. As a result, you may find that equipment needs to be tuned, adjusted, or even repaired due to its inactivity.

Restarting polyurethane equipment from a shutdown situation can be a cumbersome process. Polyurethane material suppliers have experienced many of the same delays and challenges that other businesses have, so the first challenge right off the bat may be a lack of supply. Even if your business was already making use of bulk chemical storage tanks and blending systems, the supply that you need to keep those systems replenished may not be able to keep up with the amount of material you’ve been and are about to be using.

There may be issues with your pump systems, too, as they’ve also sat dormant. The shutdown came quickly, and many businesses may not have had the time to ensure their pumps were powered down properly, cleaned out, and set up for a long period of inactivity. After all these weeks, polyurethane material left behind in the pumps may have cured to the point that disassembly or repair may be needed. The same can be said for your mix heads as well, as production teams may not have had sufficient time to properly empty or clean them, or the seals may have been compromised due to inactivity.

As if the past few months haven’t been challenging enough, the last thing your business needs when it finally gets the green light to resume operations is to have trouble with its polyurethane equipment. Delays in startup can quickly lead to costly lost time, administrative headache, and lost revenue as a result of slowed production. Fortunately, you don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Ready for proactive support to resume operations? Linden Polyurethane is here to help. Contact us right away to discuss your equipment.

Get Expert Support as You Start Up Your Production

Linden Polyurethane is a leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of polyurethane processing equipment. For 35 years, we’ve not only been building the polyurethane equipment companies need to meet and exceed their production goals but also have been providing an industry-leading, world-class warranty and repair program. If your business finds itself experiencing challenges as operations resume, or if you’re looking to be proactive about your startup process, our team is here to assist you.

We offer both remote and onsite service to support your company’s startup process. A qualified technician can speak with you over the phone or screen share to troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing, or we can dispatch someone to your site to evaluate your polyurethane equipment condition and perform any necessary repairs. If any new parts are required, or if a mix head needs a complete rebuild, we’ll coordinate those repairs with your team and ensure a rapid resolution.

Additionally, you may need to reprogram your equipment to ensure it’s ready to resume operations. Many businesses have experienced demand and production shifts, and as a result, the programming that your equipment requires may change, too. If you need assistance with this, our team can work with you to ensure your equipment is reprogrammed to meet your new production goals. This applies to equipment developed by Linden Polyurethane as well as other industry OEMs, as we’re capable of servicing their equipment.

Pump repairs and rebuilds are also a financially advantageous alternative than buying a new pump outright. If you find that your chemical metering pumps are damaged or underperforming due to extended inactivity or lack of maintenance, they can be easily shipped to our facility. Our technicians are trained in Rexroth and Rotary Power pump repair. We can rebuild your pump (even if it’s been rebuilt once before) to get it back to peak performance. Every pump is inert-flushed and undergoes computerized testing prior to being sent back to your facility.

Finally, if you find that your mix heads are leaking or aren’t properly dispensing material into the mix head chamber, you need to take action quickly. Linden can repair your mix head at our facility or send replacement parts to you directly. We also offer a mix head rental program to ensure you have a solution in place while your primary mix head is in for repair. As an industry leader in mix head repair services, we can get this critical part of your production environment repaired and back in action quickly.

Get the Polyurethane Equipment Support You Need Now

We’re here to support your business as you resume operations. Whether you need assistance with a mix head, chemical metering pump, or some other polyurethane equipment system, our expert and highly qualified team is just a phone call away. We offer 24-hour support as well in the event that you need assistance after normal business hours.

Don’t let startup challenges put your business at risk. Contact our team today to learn more about our repair and support services.


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