what is polyurethane used for
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What is Polyurethane Used For?
  • December 15, 2023
  • Linden Polyurethane Team

This versatile polymer exists in various forms, making it ideal for use in many industries and products. Its abrasion and solvent resistance, elasticity, and insulating properties make it a great fit for a wide range of applications. So, what is polyurethane used for?


Aircraft experience a wide range of environments and challenges throughout their lifetime, including rapid extreme temperature changes, pressure changes, and loud sounds. Due to polyurethane’s many advantageous properties, the polymer is used in parts throughout the aircraft.

The insulation properties of polyurethane protect both the passengers and the aircraft itself from the extreme fluctuations experienced throughout the flight. This insulation also provides a sound barrier, keeping the inside of the aircraft quiet enough for the comfort of the passengers. Polyurethane foam density ranges from 2 to 60 pounds per cubic foot, making it a good choice for preventing air leakage into and out of the aircraft.


Today, cars need to last longer while being fuel-efficient, light, and durable. Luckily, polyurethane can be used in many automotive parts to accomplish these goals.

The polymer can be found in both interior and exterior applications. The versatility of polyurethane makes it a great material for car seats, headrests, and armrests while also being a good fit for instrument panels, bumpers, and doors.


Polyurethane foam has been a popular choice in the construction industry in recent years. With builders always looking for quality materials at affordable prices, polyurethane foam offers a wide range of benefits that other building materials simply do not.

Polyurethane is a popular building choice from door and window insulation to decorative molding to flooring. Because of its durability and low cost, this polymer will become more and more common in the construction industry.

Household Appliances and Electronics

The insulation properties of polyurethane are unmatched when it comes to household appliances and electronics. From refrigerators to printed circuit boards, polyurethane can be used to maintain the internal temperature of a product.


In the medical industry, sterilization and biocompatibility are critical to the health and safety of patients and medical professionals. Polyurethane can easily be sterilized and has biocompatibility properties that allow it to be used in medical devices that are implanted into patients as well as other medical materials.

From artificial hearts to insulation in pacemakers to surgical drapes and wound dressings, this versatile polymer is durable, flexible, and affordable.


Much like in the aerospace and automotive industries, polyurethane foam is used for its insulation properties in military applications. Polyurethane can be found in military aircraft, ships, and vehicles to protect from extreme temperatures and potential pressure changes. Additionally, it can be used in protective equipment such as helmets.

Sports Equipment

In addition to being used in automotive and military applications, polyurethane foam can also be used in sports equipment. With the growing concern for preventing head injuries in sports like football, polyurethane has become a popular choice in the lining for helmets. The material is light enough to be comfortable while providing adequate protection in the case of a fall or hit. Additionally, polyurethane foam can be found in floor mats, bowling balls, athletic shoes, and even running tracks.

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