bulk polyurethane
Mar 20

Looking for Cost Efficiency? It’s Time to Consider Bulk Polyurethane

Over the past several years, the polyurethane market has risen consistently in value by around 5 percent annually. The reason for this is due to the benefits of polyurethane itself. As an incredibly lightweight yet durable material, polyurethane is high in demand in numerous industries and markets. Its affordability compared to other more costly materials also makes it a strategic solution for companies looking to maximize margins on their production. But despite these advantages, it’s becoming more and more important to invest in bulk polyurethane.

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chemical holding tanks
Jan 20

Tired of Those Annoying 55-Gallon Drums and Totes? Go with Chemical Holding Tanks Instead

You’re not alone. For years, companies that manufacture products using polyurethane or that apply polyurethane in other applications have been ordering, hauling, storing, and handling material in 55-gallon drums rather than chemical holding tanks. For companies with more significant production demands, this inefficiency was upsized into significantly larger 270-gallon totes. Depending on overall production volume, companies might have anywhere from dozens to hundreds or even thousands of these drums in their facilities throughout their footprint.

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polyurethane bulk 4
Oct 19

First, What Are Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks?

Bulk chemical storage tanks are far more than just a container for large volumes of polyol and iso. It’s a complete material storage system designed to make your organization’s production facility more streamlined, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

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